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Do you recommend that I bring my own food for my dogs stay?

Its easier on your dogs digestive system if they eat the same food they are used to normally having. If you do bring your own food please bring only sufficient quantity for the duration of their stay. Otherwise we do provide food for our guests. The Kennel food we provide is Pedigree brand.

What will happen if my dog has a problem when I am away?

First we will always try to contact either you or the emergency contact on your information sheet. If needed we will take the dog to the nearest emergency vet if we are unable to contact you and judge that the situation is serious enough to warrant a vet visit. We charge $35 to take the dog to the vet plus the cost of the visit.

What vaccines are required by your facility?

Distemper (commonly shows as DHLPP on your paperwork which is a 5 shot booster, the "D" is distemper)


Bordetella (Kennel cough), this should have been given within the past 6 months, we also recommend you have this done every 6 months.

Canine Influenza Vaccine, we require the Bivalent vaccination which covers both the H3N2 and H3N8 strains.

You or your vet can either e-mail the paperwork to us before the boarding date or else fax it to us.

How are your charges calculated?

We charge for a minimum of 1 day. On the departure day there is no charge provided you pickup before 2 PM on a weekday and before 11 AM on a Saturday. We do have full staff on Sunday's to care for our pets so there is a Sunday pickup charge equivalent to the cost of one day of boarding. In addition Public Holidays are treated the same as Sundays.

How many times a day do your walk the dogs?

Typically 4 times a day, we do take puppies/young dogs out more frequently. We make sure they do potty and will take them out as many times a necessary, dogs let you know when they need to be out. The dog will typically be off leash in the large walk area, supervised at all times. Not unlike when they are at home once they have had a run around and done their business they are back at the kennel door wanting to be back inside. We don't rush them.

Do we need to pre-pay for the board and what is your cancellation policy?

We do not require pre-payment for the board. During our peak periods (holiday weeks and summer) we reserve the right to charge 20% of the board for cancellation with less than one weeks notice. In the event of cancellation we will try and re-book the kennels, if we do manage to re-book the kennel then we will charge 20% for the days we were unable to re-book. Please honor your bookings, when we are full we turn many customers away because we cannot accommodate them.